I’ll be presenting a webcast for the SANS Institute, along with Alan Paller and Eric Cole on the 20 Critical Security Controls. There’s been a lot of news on these controls in the past few months and a lot of discussion on how they interact with FISMA and NIST guidance for information security. This webcast is meant to talk about the latest developments with these controls and give some real life examples of how these controls are being used by organizations today to thwart some of the cyber-attacks that have been taking place.

If you have a few minutes to listen, I think it will be worth it – plus you can’t beat the price (free). Here’s the link to register, you’ll want to make sure you’re signed up in advance to make sure you get a spot: 


There will be Questions & Answers after the webcast. If you want to get your questions to the top of the pile, send it to my Twitter account at @jamestarala.