RSS / Reddit Resources

Many times when we are presenting or working with clients we are asked for links to resources where students can learn more about information security. This is an ever changing field and requires constant and continuous education to stay on top of the most current news, events, tools, and resources. One of the ways we are able to stay current is by reading news feeds each day that teach us about relevant current events. Two of the most popular ways we do that are via Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds and resources on Reddit.

So at the request of numerous students over the years we are making both our consolidated corporate RSS feed list and the Subreddit sites we read each day in the hopes that you can enjoy them as well.

Security RSS Feeds

In order to subscribe to RSS feeds you must have an RSS reader. There are many popular readers out there. We generally use Google Reader. It’s free and there are a number of mobile applications that allow you to sync your feeds across multiple devices. In order to use our feeds you will need to download the XML file that contains all of our feeds and import this file into Google Reader (or another reader of your choice).

Click here to download security RSS feeds.

Security Subreddits

In addition to RSS feeds we also regularly visit Reddit sites to learn more in the world of information security. Hopefully these sites expand your sources of news and give you more opportunities to learn. The subreddits we generally visit are: