Our mission is to help empower organizations to defend the information assets that have been entrusted to them. While there is no “silver bullet” in information security that an organization can implement that will eliminate all of their security risks, there are practical steps an organization can take for better defense. Hackers are not magic, and they can be stopped. We partner with organizations of all sizes to give them the tools they need to successfully defend their information systems. Through services such as security assessments, briefings to key organization personnel, creating security architectures, and assisting companies with technical security implementations, we hope to make each of our customers more secure through their partnership.

Security Assessments

Realistically knowing an organization’s security stance enables an organization to make sound decisions for defense. Our assessments are thorough, practical, and have the technical depth necessary to help organizations understand their risks.

Formal Risk Assessments
Standards Based Assessments
Technology Specific Assessments
Technical Penetration Tests
Security Briefings

Communication is a key part of any information security program. We partner with organizations to help executives, technical staff, or general workforce members understand how they can be involved in defending an organization’s data.

Executive Security Briefings
Security Awareness Briefings
Critical Security Control Briefings
Technology Specific Briefings

Security Architectures

There are definitive steps organizations can take to defend their information systems. We work with organizations to evaluate their security controls and architect solid models for defense.

Security Control Architectures
Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs)
Security Policy Architectures
Microsoft Active Directory Designs

Technology Implementations

Sometimes organizations simply need technical help implementing security defenses. Our certified technical staff helps organizations looking for resources to implement these defenses.

Technical Security Control Systems
Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) Systems
Server Based Security Control Systems
Network Based Security Control Systems

Due to the sensitive nature of our work many of our clients ask us not to disclose their names to protect their confidentiality. However we have had the privilege of working with organizations from every major industry sector – government, financial services, healthcare, energy, education, technology, and many others. We have worked with large Fortune 100 companies and small family owned businesses. We have worked with organizations with billions of dollars in annual revenue and organizations whose budgets are much less. But in every case our goal is the same, to help organizations to defend the information assets that have been entrusted to them. We have had the opportunity to see the unique challenges that face a wide variety of companies and hope to continue to have that opportunity well into the future.