offers a number of subscription plans to meet the needs of any organization’s audit team. Whether you are an auditor in need of a few free resources or a Fortune 500 company looking for a kickstart to an audit program, there is something for everyone. Even Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) will find the resources here to assist them with their control reviews.

In addition to the free content provided by the website, AuditScripts also offers a number of subscription-based plans as well. These subscription plans are meant to provide organizations with the audit resources and knowledge of AuditScript’s information security experts. We have consolidated all of our resources into a format that any organization can use to build and maintain an information assurance program within their organization.

These plans provide the documentation necessary to build and maintain an information assurance program. In addition to the documentation, AuditScripts provides education benefits, review services, and even Subject Matter Expert (SME) services to our subscribers, depending on the subscription plan chosen. In short, we want to do the research on current information assurance controls and audit trends so organizations do not have to do it themselves. Why hire someone to reinvent the audit wheel when AuditScripts has invented it for you already?

If you are unsure whether AuditScript’s resources are for you, simply sign up for a free account to take a test drive and see if this is the right program for you and your organization.

Free Subscription

Our most basic membership level is our Free membership. At this level you can access all of the free audit resources on the website – including audit control questions, free CISA practice tests, blog articles, and much more. Even if one of the paid plans is not for you, we hope these free resources can be an aid to your auditing efforts.

Security Policy Toolkit Subscription

At this membership level you receive everything a free member receives, plus our information security policy templates that your organization can customize to be specific to your organization and use as the foundation of your own information security programs. You will also receive our quarterly Auditscripts newsletter and annual regulation review guide.

Security Policy & Audit Toolkit Subscription

At this membership level you receive everything from the previous levels, plus the core of our information systems audit resources. This includes templates that your organization can use when creating information security policies, audit checklists, audit questionnaires, technical audit scripts, and more. You will also will have access to our educational resources and metrics to help grow your audit activities.

Complete Audit Partnership Subscription

Our highest level of membership is our Audit Partnership Subscription. At this level members receive all of the benefits of previous levels along with personalized attention and guidance from our team of audit professionals. Not only do members at this level receive our library of audit resources and educational materials, but they also receive annual assistance developing audit strategies and governance plans for their organization. The materials you learn will not only be available to you, but can be applied with our help specifically to your organization.