In addition to information security policies, AuditScripts also has created a number of audit resources to assist the audit community. One of the most common requests we receive are for audit checklists and technical audit scripts to make the daily lives of auditors easier. Why should every organization be forced to reinvent the wheel every time they want to perform an audit? Why can’t auditors take advantage of the work performed by others in the community?

The goal of the AuditScripts Audit Toolkit is to provide audit teams with the checklists, templates, tools, and scripts necessary to be more efficient and effective in their responsibilities. This toolkit is designed to save auditors time, so they can focus on the important tasks of assessment and communicating risks. It’s also designed to rely on the experience of the audit community as a whole to ensure greater depth and comprehensiveness in the audit process.

As a part of this subscription, auditors can enjoy the following audit resources, updated on a regular basis:

  • Audit Checklists
  • Audit Questionnaires
  • Technical Audit Scripts
  • Audit Plan Templates
  • Risk Assessment Templates
  • Security Policy Templates
  • Audit Education Resources
  • Much, much, more…

Each of the audit tools are based on the research of experts in the field of information systems audit and are based on common industry standards. For a complete view of an organization’s governance structure, this toolkit is designed to work alongside the AuditScripts policy templates. The combination of these resources allow an organization to define their standards for defense and document the process they will follow in order to ensure those standards are being met.