Simply put, we are people who do assessments of the security of information systems. We try to help people protect their data.

We have been doing information security assessments for years. In the process of performing these assessments we have built up an extensive library of policies, procedures, audit scripts, and other tools that make it easier for us to perform assessments. We have done our homework and created practical tools based on industry standards that help us to assess the security of information systems.

In 2011 we started asking ourselves – why keep this information to ourselves? Most people do not work for large audit firms that can dedicate staff to developing these tools. Like many of you we have had to do our own research based on industry best practices in order to build a toolkit for auditing. We want to make that information readily available to others. Auditing does not have to be a mystery.

The project is not a company though, we are just a child project of Enclave Security. But our values are the same – we want to be able to partner with other organizations in order to help them better secure their data.


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