I know a lot of you are diligently preparing for the CISA exam this weekend. For those of you who aren’t or you’ve never heard of the exam, read more about it here – www.isaca.org/cisa/.

Why should you care about this cert? Well, basically if you want to enter the audit field or if you’re an auditor and ever think you’ll want to change companies, you’ll need to have this cert. Not only did SC magazine name it to be their top infosec cert of the year, it’s also pretty well considered the entry ticket into the IS audit profession.

Ok, let’s get back to that free part…

So last night I recorded a two hour presentation on what to do this week to get ready for the exam. If you’re not already signed up for the exam, forget it, but you can try again in December later this year. The purpose of the presentation is to focus your studies the week before the exam. We try to give you a practical set of tips on areas you should be focusing on, what to do logistically to prepare, and general strategies for success.

If you want more information or want to be able to listen, you’ll have to register for it, but the best thing to do is visit this link (https://www.sans.org/registration/register.php?conferenceid=19554), register for the presentation, and enjoy the content. You’ll need to use the discount code (Review) to get it for free after you register.

Or on the other hand, just send me a tweet and ask what to do at either @jamestarala or @isaudit. Either way…
Enjoy, and good luck on the exam this weekend!