Back in December we posted a couple scripts that fellow auditors had pointed out to us that helped auditors dump Microsoft Windows file permissions to a CSV file for easier auditing. As a result of that post we’ve had feedback from a number of people that it would be helpful to see more of these scripts and even some suggestions for PowerShell audit scripts that we might want to share with others.

Two scripts immediately jumped out to us this past month as comprehensive PowerShell audit scripts that might help people who are auditing Microsoft Windows systems. These might inspire you to write your own script or maybe you just want to use these in the course of your audits. So we’ll share them here for you in the hopes that they make your life as an auditor easier.

The first script was posted to the Microsoft Script Center and was written to perform a comprehensive system audit of multiple machines that are detected in an Active Directory environment:

The second script we wanted to share was written by Alan Renouf and we especially liked this one because of the nicely formatted output after auditing a system:

Both of these scripts illustrate the ideas we’ve been trying to teach people of automating your audit efforts. These are both good examples of what we hope you all are creating. If you do have further suggestions, please pass them along. You can email [email protected] if you have more resources you’d like us to share with the community.