Often times as we talk with auditors or students in our classes audit scripts are brought to our attention that might be useful to people performing audits of various technical systems. Sometimes we write helpful scripts and when we do we’ll post them here for you to review. But sometimes we find the scripts and want to make you aware of them in case they help make your job easier.

This month we found two scripts that we think might help you out and both enable auditors of Microsoft Windows systems to use PowerShell to dump file system permissions to a CSV file so you can parse them in Excel or you favorite spreadsheet program.

The first script was written by John Milner, and he gives a full explanation of its capabilities here:


The second script was written by Roman Zarka and is a little more in depth. You can learn more about his audit script here:


If you have other favorites that you would like to share with the AuditScripts community, please don’t keep them to yourselves. Email us at [email protected] if you have other resources that you think would help your fellow auditors in their audit efforts.