Welcome back to our weekly archive of audit checklists! We hope these weekly lists will help you as you build your personalized checklist for auditing your own organizations. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to research each of these topics, so hopefully these lists will help save you some time when you are researching your audit scope.

Last week we continued our month of database system audit checklists with a week of checklists on how to audit Oracle database systems. Like last week most of these checklists focus on the database server itself, and not the application code, database structure, or permission sets in the database. But at least these should serve as starting points for someone who is auditing technical controls on Oracle systems.

Also, while many of you on Twitter have already noticed this, we have been using a particular Twitter hashtag when posting our tweets. Each of our daily posts can be found using the hashtag #AuditChecklists.

If you have other similar checklists that you think are better, let us know, we’ll happily tweet them as well. This is a community effort, why not share?

Audit Checklists for Auditing Oracle Database Systems:

From the SANS Institute

From Oracle


From Vgrigorian

From Pete Finnigan

We hope everyone will enjoy and use these tools this week. If you have suggestions or ideas for future audit checklists or tools, please let us know, we’d love to hear your feedback.