Welcome back to our weekly archive of audit checklists! We hope these weekly lists will help you as you build your personalized checklist for auditing your own organizations. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to research each of these topics, so hopefully these lists will help save you some time when you are researching your audit scope.

For this week’s checklists we’re going to be returning to the world of more operational controls. Specifically we’ve been investigating audit checklists for evaluating cloud computing environments. Come on, we know you’ve been thinking about it and talking about it both in your IT departments and in your corporate board rooms. Heck, you’ve probably been chatting up other parents at your kid’s little league and talking with them about it! So this week we’re listing off some helpful checklists we’ve found for auditing cloud computing environments. Enjoy!

Audit Checklists for Auditing Cloud Computing Providers: 


Cloud Security Alliance


SNIA (Old Link Removed)


We hope everyone will enjoy and use these tools this week. If you have suggestions or ideas for future audit checklists or tools, please let us know, we’d love to hear your feedback.