CISA Exam Resources

With over 40,000 certified CISAs worldwide, the CISA certification has become a well known standard for ensuring that auditors understand a common framework for performing information systems audits. Employers worldwide recognize the value of having certified employees and the level of validated experience that this certification can bring. And especially with the regulations that organizations are facing, auditing and assurance is becoming an even more in demand skill to possess.

The CISA certification from ISACA has proven to be the baseline of knowledge for those pursuing a career as an information systems auditor. Therefore AuditScripts has assembled a list of resources that we think will help you in your preparation for the exam. If you are preparing for the exam, we would recommend that you read this blog post first:

Top 5 Essential Tips for Passing the ISACA CISA Exam

Next, there is no reason to read every reference available for the exam. Focus your time preparing on the resources most likely to help you succeed. If you build a program of study that includes the following steps, we believe you will have the greatest chance of success.

Recommended CISA Study Plan:

Step One: Read the Official ISACA Information on the CISA Exam
Step Two: Read the Official CISA Preparation Materials from ISACA
Step Three: Buy and Read the ISACA CISA Official Review Materials
Step Four: Take Free CISA Practice Tests from AuditScripts